Thursday, August 29, 2013


I posted the Snapazoo template on my diaper-sewing blog a long time ago (when was posting about them).

I actually owned a retail Snapazoo a LONG time ago.  I'm not exactly sure how they made such a nice turned edge on theirs, however, I found that using 3 layers of a fairly thick fleece and just sewing close to the edges works quite well (fleece being no-fray and all).  Also, long-prong snaps are your friends.  ;)  You can make them a little thinner if you don't have long prong snaps, however, they won't be quite as rigid when all snapped into shape.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Bigger Kid Doll Carrier

I estimate this carrier should work for most 4-9 year olds.  My smaller version should work for 18m-3/4yrs and I will be digitizing it within 2 weeks.

The free PDF templates are available HERE for download/printing.  I'll add some descriptions of what each step-by-step photo is showing a bit later.

This is a pretty intensive project.  It would likely take fairly experienced crafters a full day to complete from start to finish.  It took me parts of 3 days in between tending to my family, fittings, and taking the staged photos.

 I stitched this example up with all white thread to make it easier to see the seams.  :)

 You can use ribbon, webbing, or make the straps.  Connectors can be snaps, velcro, buckles, etc.
I made this example with webbing, but I have made my own straps and used snaps before as well.

 I added hook & loop to attach the hood to the straps.  Last time I used snaps.

This is my 52"+ tall, 63 pound, long-torso son wearing a doll that is slightly larger than the average size newborn.